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How to plant bell pepper seeds


Learn how to plant, grow, and harvest bell peppers with this garden guide from The Old Start pepper seeds three to a pot, and thin out the weakest seedling. If you've grown a bell pepper variety you like and would like to produce more plants from it, saving the seeds to plant is relatively basic. Bell peppers need a little work to grow, but the amount of work needed to grow them You can also try soaking the pepper seeds in weak chamomile tea or a.

Purchase green pepper seeds from the grocery store or farmer's market. Visit your local grocer, farmer's market. A pepper must have been fully ripe for the seeds to be viable. It should have been red, bright yellow or orange. If it was green, the seeds were. If you're new to growing peppers, you may want to start with one of the early varieties, like the bell pepper 'Early Crisp' or the 'False Alarm' Jalapeā€“o variety.

Definitely consider buying seeds as well, since one of the benefits to growing your own bell peppers is choosing from a number of otherwise. Peppers are easy to grow from seed, and can be started indoors weeks before last frost. Here's a complete Purple bell pepper plant started from seed.