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How to play statues game


How to Play Statues. A traditional and much loved children's game that can be played indoors and out. Arrange all the players except one on chairs or a bench. Play classic family games together by learning the rules to Statues. Kids love to dance like crazy but when the music stops they have to freeze into statues! See who laughs or giggles first as there will be plenty of smiling children playing this classic kids birthday party game. Stop the music and all of the children must freeze in whatever.

Statues is a popular children's game, often played in different countries. How the game is played varies throughout different regions of the world. Contents. I was recently watching a group of kindergarten aged children playing a game of Sneaky Statues and I had somewhat of an epiphany. First, the. It's best played at night with the lights off and a flashlight. If you are the tour guide or the tourist the object of the game is to make the statues laugh or to catch .

The players then pose like statues, and the person who is “it” comes back and pretends to be a museum guide. Continue play until only one statue is left. Another favorite game with little kids, Musical Statues is easy to set up, fun to play , and ideal for small party venues.