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How to scroll lock in excel 2013


If Scroll Lock is on, your cursor moves between columns and rows, not cells. Excel for Office Excel Excel Excel Excel More. can tell if Scroll Lock is turned on, because Scroll Lock appears in the Excel status bar. You're working along in Excel, when suddenly you notice that you can no longer move around properly. Is it, perhaps, the evil Scroll Lock?. Why do the arrow keys not work normally in Excel? Because Scroll Lock is turned on! See how to quickly disable Scroll Lock in Excel for.

In this tutorial, I show you how to turn scroll lock on (or off) in Excel - for Windows and Mac. It takes only a few seconds to enable/disable scroll. From the Excel help file: Do one of the following: Press the Scroll Lock ( sometimes appears as ScrLk) key on your keyboard; If your keyboard. Here, I talk about how to turn this scroll lock on or off in Excel. Turn on/off scroll lock by press Scroll Lock button on the keyboard. Turn on/off.

Tricks to Enable/Disable Scroll Lock Excel. Learn basically what is scroll lock and how to use scroll lock in excel with an example. The Scroll Lock setting determines what happens when you use the Arrow Keys in Excel. When Scroll Lock is off (the default setting), the Arrow.