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How to update spotify playlist on iphone


The fact that both PC laptop as iPhone show the same (not updated) playlists, makes me think that maybe the adjustments in the Mac app are in a way 'not. I made some changes to my Spotify playlists on my computer recently. I expected that my iPhone playlists would update accordingly, but that's. Solved: Syncing of offline playlists works well for me, but the Spotify app on my iPhone sometimes is really slow to register that I've added new.

I have two playlists, one with all my music and a second, smaller, one for my mobile phone. I added a few songs to both playlists, but the songs won't come up on. HI, So the new update was released for IOS but part of the update has now meant that there is not a option to edit the playlist and I am aware. Solved: When I create a playlist on my mac, the playlist shows up on my iPhone and on my iPad, but they have 0 tracks in the playlist.

both spotify on my iphone and on my mac, I haven't updated the spotify client Using the desktop app, add local music files you want to sync to a playlist. The playlist on my phone is not updating whenever I add or remove songs on my PC. I've tried a clean reinstall, I've tried adding songs directly. I'm using Spotify Free on an iPhone SE, with the recent automatic update. Now, I can no longer view which songs are on one of my playlists. I can't work out how to update the playlists I subscribe to. New ones are Only use iPhone ap, don't have the desktop version. Reply. 0 Likes.