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Intersnack france vico curly howard


Today, Vico is second in the French potato chips market and its portfolio contains Curly's unique peanut taste and crunchy texture that melts in the mouth have made Founded in by the American Howard Morse Kelly and the Austrian . Our Brands. We make many of Europe's favourite savoury snacks. Our product portfolio includes international brands, such as Chio and POM-BÄR, as well as. Safeway-inc, Trader-joe-s, .. Walgreen-co, Les-delices-de-belle- france, .. Intersnack, 46 Bodin, 2. Jerome-arnoux, 2 Vivo-life, 2.

Belle-france, Danone, Trader-joe-s, Reflets-de-france, .. Les-delices-de-belle-france, 83 .. Campagne-de-france, 44 Intersnack, Trader-joe-s, Truffettes-de-france, 16 . The-french-patisserie-inc, 15 Howard-foods-inc, 6. Publix- Monkey-joe-s-big-nut-co, 4 Intersnack, 3. Reflets-de-france, Les-delices-de-belle-france, 37 Trader-joe-s, 35 . Intersnack, 12 . Orangina-schweppes-france, 7 Campagne-de-france, 7.

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