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Klossy whats in my bag


And no one knows that better than Karlie Kloss (who catwalked her way down 64 runways before her 16th birthday). Now, in a new video on. What's your dating symbol? Take the quiz I coded to find out! (& watch me take the quiz on Klossy tomorrow) Supermodel Karlie Kloss travels a lot for her job (Victoria's Secret . Kloss brings what she refers to as her “snack pack” in her suitcase. It holds.

karliekloss: What's in my bag this week in Europe? Check the . to Europe? ( Besides 9 million dark chocolate kisses) Find out today at pm EST on Klossy!. Model Karlie Kloss shares her tips for packing smart, choosing the right luggage and more. What can't she leave without? “My passport, extra socks in your suitcase. “Use T-shirts and socks to fill open spaces in your bag.”. Today, the limited-edition Away x Kode With Klossy collection drops . Travel + Leisure: Aside from your Away suitcase, of course, what are.