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Tetrahemihexahedron how to fold


A tetrahemihexahedron is a polyhedron with seven faces. Tetrahemihexahedron nets for making the shape. tetrahemihexahedron . Instructions Instructions. In geometry, the tetrahemihexahedron or hemicuboctahedron is a uniform star polyhedron, indexed as U4. It has six vertices, 12 edges, and seven faces: four. This is a model of a tetrahemihexahedron, the only non-convex uniform polyhedron with seven faces. What makes this Summary; Instructions.

Tetrahemihexahedron Net Tetrahemihexahedrons have 12 faces, 7 edges, and 12 vertices. It's platonic solid is the Octahedron Faces and. Base+A1, 2, cream, the petals of the Tetrahemihexahedron (A) plus the Fold the tabs all the same way on the 4 simple triangular pieces. Tetrahemihexahedron . wenninger · 67 · math · geometry · polyhedron · polyhedra · polyedre · paper · cut · glue · fold · color · triangle · bright · curve · abstract.