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What does inquisitive person means what


Inquisitive definition, given to inquiry, research, or asking questions; eager for knowledge; an inquisitive person: thick curtains to frustrate inquisitives. Inquisitive people aren't satisfied until they investigate a question or subject for We are searching for a deeper meaning different from our own understanding. Inquisitive definition: An inquisitive person likes finding out about things, especially secret Bears are very inquisitive and must be kept mentally stimulated.

Inquisitive definition is - given to examination or investigation. 1: in search of information there will be crowds of scientists and other inquisitive people . inquisitive definition: 1. wanting to discover as much as you can about things, sometimes in a way that annoys people: 2. (of a person or a person's behavior). If you are inquisitive that means you love to inquire; you're always asking questions. Don't become a private detective if you don't have an inquisitive personality.

Synonyms for inquisitive person at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for inquisitive person. Explore ยท the Word of the Year is Avoid these words. If you are looking to build a stable of expat-eligible employees, do yourself a The meaning of inquisitive, by my definition, is a person that is. Definition of inquisitive - having or showing an interest in learning things; curious. inquisitive - word meaning, usage, and definition in English. An inquisitive person is one who is bent on finding out all that can be found out by inquiry.