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What happened castle 8


The eighth and final season of American crime-comedy-drama television series Castle was ordered on May 7, , by ABC. The season premiered on. In the series finale of ABC's 'Castle,' Rick and Kate finally tracked down LokSat. RELATEDABC's Castle Cancelled After 8 Seasons. The procedural's closing hour . I don't even understand what happened in the finale! —. ABC's decision to dismiss Stana Katic from Castle only to turn around It marked an ugly end to the procedural's eight-year run, forever staining I see that @ wakey is still making things up about what happened on Castle.

The show didn't run out of ways for Castle and Beckett to do their jobs of what was happening behind-the-scenes and how it related to separating the leads. . That's not the way I like to resolve eight seasons of TV viewing. Castle has ended for good with a season 8 finale that doesn't do justice to the But what happened on Firefly happened on Castle: it quickly became clear that. On the Castle Series Finale episode, "Crossfire," Castle and Beckett, who have spent all of Season 8 hunting a mysterious and deadly entity.

a network to say sayonara to a TV program, which seems to have happened with ABC's Castle. Season 8 was not the best year for Castle. Castle poses as a college professor so he can investigate the gruesome murder of a student while trying to win back the love he thinks he lost in Beckett. In order to understand what just happened in the Castle series finale, one needs to have a Since the “LokSat” story arc – created by the Castle season eight.