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Whats your excuse moms 2014 swimsuit calendar


'What's Your Excuse' Mom's Swimsuit Calendar, Featuring Fit Fans - Yahoo Shine @Marcia Veal @Megan Hairel Love you guys! We can do this!!!. What: Fit Mom Swimsuit Calendar! All proceeds benefit a (c)(3) nonprofit, Fitness without Borders and building No Excuse Mom. She's now released a Fit Mom Swimsuit Calendar, featuring 24 real, GIFFORD-JONES: What can a psychiatrist tell us about vitamin D?.

Earlier this year Maria Kang took her share of verbal abuse after posting the " What's Your Excuse?" promotional photo on her website. This led to her first swimsuit calendar last year, featuring fit mums, which was so successful she's back with another photo spectacular for She said: "We asked our mothers to show the world what an every day mother. The mother of three's “ Fit Mom Swimsuit Calendar” features “25 real shorts with her three kids under the caption, “what's your excuse?.

'No Excuse Mom' Maria Kang Publishes Swimsuit Calendar Celebrating Moms' Bodies And with her new Fit Mom Calendar, she is doing just that. a few years ago, given Kang's controversial “What's Your Excuse?. Remember the mother of three who went viral for posting a bikini-clad photo that read: "What's Your Excuse?" Well, she's back, and her passion. Veronica Davila No Excuses Mom from Houston January Davila earned herself a page in the new No Excuses Mom calendar. a bikini-clad picture of herself on Facebook with the caption "What's your excuse?.