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Where are trolls osrs


Trolls are one of the more unique, though not very intelligent, races of Gielinor who mainly inhabit the Troll Country. Whilst the main population exists within the . Mountain Trolls are the easiest type of troll to kill when wanting to complete this scape slayer task. Mountain Trolls are level 69 in OSRS. I can't train on the plateau anymore because every single world has someone using a cannon. Where else can I find trolls aside from the Death.

I got the dreaded slayer task of trolls and I only dislike them because they are slow and I can't seem to find an efficient place to cannon them. Slayer Task - Trolls - posted in Help and Advice: I'm training slayer, and I got the task of killing trolls. my combat level is Where is the best. This guide will help you complete the Old School RuneScape Troll Stronghold quest.

Troll brutes are low level trolls in the Troll Warzone. They were first introduced during the Burthorpe tutorial and afterwards can be fought along with troll. [OSRS] Cannoning Ice Trolls - Ranged Guide. Intro Tired of getting slow/difficult exp with cheap and traditional training methods or spending.