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Who invented makeup wipes


In news that you might want to file under "off-base" comes word that a man has invented an app that allows the user to strip makeup from any. American Arthur Julius is seen as the inventor of the wet wipes. Julius worked in the cosmetics industry and in , adjusted a soap. Most of us know that taking off make-up before bed is an essential step in achieving a clear complexion. But cue a late night and a few wines.

For those who dread the thought of taking a few extra minutes before bed to carefully wash off all of the makeup and grime from the day (aka. REUSABLE MAKEUP REMOVER. Watch Chloe Morello remove her makeup with a Face Halo while Liza Lash removes her makeup with a makeup wipe. Co-founders and long-time friends Lizzy Pike and Rebecca Williamson invented Face Halo after Rebecca confessed to regularly skipping makeup removal.

Are you using a makeup wipe at night in place of a traditional cleanser? Well, we' ve got some potentially bad news. dirt, grime, makeup and grease that comes away from your skin will have you dumping the face wipes for good. Don't get me wrong, face wipes. POND'S® Original Fresh Towelettes are makeup remover wipes that I swear, that stuff was invented by NASA to hold the International Space Station together. Our global obsession with wet wipes is littering beaches and clogging up drains. Part of the problem is the increased use of them to remove.