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Who is behind the colts mascot


“Blue” is not just the Colts' mascot, he's a community ambassador and one of the most recognizable characters in professional sports.​. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind -- It's a full-time job that requires strength, flexibility and some sweet dance moves. But being Blue the Mascot is about. He's seven feet tall, wears a size 14 shoe and is covered in blue fur. But Blue, the Colts' mascot, is much more than just a big, zany character.

Trey Mock, the man behind #Colts Mascot Blue joins Michael Grady & Big Joe to give us a look at the life of a mascot -> Colts players, mascot Blue and cheerleaders sing Christmas carols to patients at Riley Hospital for Children on Monday, Dec. 19, For the Indianapolis Colts mascot, Blue, it's no different. The man behind the mane, Trey Mock, says he's been perfecting his art as the.

How does someone become a mascot intern? with Trey Mock, the man behind Blue, Kelly decided he could learn a lot as a mascot intern. But it was a worse passing day than everyone else at Lucas Oil Stadium. That includes Blue, the Colts' mascot who usually gets his kicks by.