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Ya know what im sayin scotty pole


I been gettin' money, say you get who a night (who?) I was born to be what I'm goin' to be (born to be!) Shotty's on shotty, lil' niggas gon' caught him a body, don't know nun' about it She crankin' a worm on the pole Scotty 2 Hotty, she fucked everybody, can't wife the lil' bitch, she a thotty (thotty). See, you either give me your backpack, or I'm gonna stab you in the fucking neck, and take it. Kenny: Well, you know you probably gonna get searched at the border, I mean, no offence, . Rose: So, Scottie P., what exactly do you for a living? . a Mexican cop; Karuna Sun as Stripper/Pole Dancer; Scott Adsit as the doctor. I mean, you give us half the ransom, forty thousand, you keep half. JERRY Well , it's all just part of this - they don't know I need it, see. This could work out real good for me and Jean and Scotty - WADE Jean and Scotty never have to worry. .. off the road, crumpled around a telephone pole, having failed to hold a turn.

If you're going to pay your accomplices, make it the same amount. favorite character, Scotty P's catch phrase is "You know'm sayin". $ You Save: $(17%) I use these rod holders in my canoe. they work well with the scotty rod holder and Not saying they dont work on other boat types, just that on a canoe they come up short by an inch. I'm using them on my canoe to hold a camera mount and also a fishing mount for trolling See Full Site.