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This is Roger's Blog.

My about page


I’ve added some information about my pricing structure to my About page

Being ready


For my 14th or 15th birthday my dad bought me a book called My Way With a Camera, by Victor Blackman. I still have it. Victor Blackman was a photographer for the Daily Express who also wrote a weekly column in Amateur Photographer magazine. I read the book through again and again; it was one of the first, if not the first book on photography I ever had. ...more

New pictures


I have added seven photos to the galleries section. ...more

Rip Off


Please follow the link below, then return. As they say, just replace the word ‘musician’ with ‘photographer’ and 'music' with 'photography'. ...more

(In the pub with the zombies) At the door


This group of four were the last people that I took photos of that night. ...more

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