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This is Roger's Blog.
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Eye, cow, fish


This is Milton Keynes, and these are the Concrete Cows. They don’t usually look quite like this. I’ve been trying for a long time to get a photo of them that was rather different from everyone else’s shots, and at last I think that I’ve succeeded. ...more

Thumbs up


I am Roger Bradbury, this is my website, and yes, that’s me on the cards.
Some of these. er, self portraits were taken with a very wide angle lens, including the photo here from my Roger Sez ‘Well done’ card. ...more

Show me


At last the site is live, it’s linked up with Paypal so that people can buy cards, and I’ve emailed all my friends to tell them, under the guise of checking that the site works for all their different devices and browsers. What’s next? ...more

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