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C-section how long before due date


Personal Factors in Choosing Your Delivery Date Why won't doctors schedule C-sections before 39 weeks? While 37 weeks and on has long been considered term, we are learning that babies born between 37 and Babies do better after a scheduled Caesarean section if they're born no than seven days before their due date, a new large study of U.S. births shows. They speculated that some mothers might want to deliver as soon as. Hi all I have to have a C-Section for this birth. I was wondering how soon before your due date you have one? One friend told me its 1 week and another told me.

I will be having a c-section, and my due date is April 23, That is my Would my doctor possible let me carry the baby until that exact date? A: Having a . well i had my first baby at 37 weeks by c-section due to me having It turned out to be a blessing in the long run, as it was discovered he was completely STUCK! her c-sections around 10 days before the mother's due date. I'm a FTM, probably headed towards a c-section. I'm wondering, for those also having a planned c-sections, at how many weeks did they/do.

My doctor schedules c-sections for the Monday before your due date. long as possible as there is much brain development that continued until the 40th week. This gives your baby the time she needs to grow and develop before she's born. If you schedule a c-section and your due date is off by a week or 2, your baby. Just wondering when your c-section date is compared to your due date. Mine is exactly one week before my due date! but scheduled a day after my due date so I could reach 40 wks and give my body a chance as long as. Have a look at the topic 'Next birth after Caesarean section'. Emergency This date for the operation will be before your baby is due. Before you go to hospital, you will be told how long you need to fast for (not eat or drink).