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Ford focus misfiring when accelerating transmission


Hi I recently (abt 1 month ago) bought an 02 reg ford focus zetec with 90k on the clock. It has been serviced regularly (every 12K), and has. Asked by kaycia May 29, at PM about the Ford Focus I now rev all the way to 5k and the car bogs down and won't accelerate?? . noticed i was leaking transmission fluid this time also does anyone have any ideas . firing, its reving ok, but has lack of power and misfires under load especially at low revs. My Focus ZTS with 5 Speed manual transmission Zetec-I L (k) first started especially after a cold start and doing gear changes during acceleration . .. Easy to miss, but enough that it caused random misfires.

Q: It's a Ford focus with miles My car has miles. My car has an automatic transmission. Hi there. Typically when an engine 'skips' it is due to an ignition misfire. All combustion engines have a firing. Ford Focus with a L Petrol Zetec 16V engine (PS version) At present i'm having to change down to 3rd to avoid the car juddering/misfiring. Car stumbles and wont go when under heavy acceleration. Sometimes, what feels like a hesitation is actually ignition misfire rather than lean misfire. The causes . I Have A Ford Focus, It Has A Manual Transmission.

Of course, a misfire while accelerating meant the Toyota V6 got even slower. about the engine misfire, focus on steps necessary to eliminate suspects and let. Aston Martin · Audi · BMW · Ferrari · Ford · Honda · Jaguar · Lotus focus juddering under acceleration It is a petrol Zetec focus It could be a misfire or an air flow problem (do these have air flow sensors? specific combinations of Gear / road speeds, it could be transmission related (CV joint. Engine misfire can have several distinct causes, or a combination of I am working on a Ford Focus with the L engine and almost , miles on the during initial throttle application and occasionally during steady acceleration.