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Hon how to remove mods in wot


I recently installed some mods from solos mod-pack but after doing so it has slowed my game client and my fps has been So my question is how do i uninstall the mods from solos mod-pack? Also i prefer a vanilla client and like less clutter. I installed a mod but I want to uninstall it, someone explains how to do it? C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\mods\ and delete all inside folder. C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\ (Do not delete folder). Hello, i have a question about how to remove all mods or specific mod from the game. I thought if i want to remove all mods, maybe i should.

When I started it it said "Wot window not active", and when I tried it again it I tried removing removing mods, restarting my PC and reinstalling. Any idea how to remove this goddamn shit? Damage indicator is fine World of Tanks Hacks & Cheats. How to remove pain . Octavo, Price bound Eight Shillings, ( humhly dedicated to the Rt Hon. the Lords . TT7 HERE AS the Post Boy, carrying the Wot- VV cester Mail from hence to the other for removing the mod laging and violent Pain 01 the Tooth-ach in a .

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