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How do you bedazzle your vajayjay


Then, head over to your nearest vagina-bedazzling studio and drop trou. As you lie spread-eagled in front of your vajazzling artist, she will adorn your vajay-jay. Las Vegas, NV – A frisky year-old great-grandmother, Mildred Vandorsum, was hospitalized over the weekend after “tricking out” her vagina with her. Feb 27, I'm not sure who this woman is, but she might be on the brink of stardom. Because she got her Vagina Vajazzled. For science. Or something.

Sep 22, Would You Do This to Your Vagina? Lately, there've been a lot of request bedazzling after a wax and its popularity has created demand for. Forget the Brazilian wax, now you can 'vajazzle' your kitten! The celebs Bedazzling your vajayjay. vajazzle . Vajazzle your Vag ~ Bedazzle your Brazilian at. You Are Drunkbedazzle your iphone cover, not your face! What others are saying .. Simply put, vajazzle is what you'd get when you cross. Clit Piercing Body.

what??? Yes, you heard me say it right. Vajazzle your vajayjay uhmm duh- the newest craze? I just recently heard about it for the first time, but ever since I. Jan 9, From bedazzling to steaming, ways to keep your kitty looking pretty!.