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How to install mcboot on ps2 slim


[TUTORIAL] [FMCB] Free McBoot Installation Guide [Noobie Guide] . A Memory Card with minimal MB free; A PS2 PHAT or SLIM that is. Today i will be showing you guys how to install FMCB with ANY ps2 game disc on most slim consoles (not including 9x models - these are. PS2 Slim - A Step-By-Step Guide Are there any other known games to install free mcboot with? Is there no other way to install mcboot?.

hi there I recently bought a PS2 slim and i am wondering if there's a way to install free mcboot with an action replay I've seen methods with stuff. FreeMCBoot is the de facto softmod method for PS2 homebrew. A small little An original (Fat) PS2 with FreeHDBoot softmod installed on it. Credit where credit is due: OLLis8h aka N73User who have made these instructions and created the necessary archives. I supply here a.