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How to make ringlets with rags


When all of your hair is tied up in the rags, cover it up with you don't weigh the curls down and make them fall out. Easy no heat ringlet rag curls, a simple how to tutorial will show you how to create this hairstyle great for both medium and long hair. Rag curls are a cute and easy look to have fun with. Rag curls were popular in the s and still used by many today. Heat is not needed but can be used.

how to do rag curls Long time coming on this post, considering that I have been giving rag curls to anyone who will let me all Summer long. How to rag roll your hair to achieve natural looking curls that don't damage I had nothing to do the next day, so if it looked awful, I planned to. Creating spiral curls with rags gives you an alternative to heat styling. This old- school Make sure the ends of the hair stay tucked under as you roll the hair up.

Rag curls are easy to do and depending on how you do them, you can achieve anything from Greta Garbo to Veronica Lake to Lucille Ball-looking curls, without . Here it is, Bloggy friends, the “How to Curl Your Hair with Rags” post. Haha my mother use to do this to us An excellent sausage rag curls tutorial-ringlets.