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How to measure string height at nut


How to replace a nut and setup your guitar, with setup specs from different players and factories. . It's best to leave a little too much height; later, you'll fine- tune the string A good measurement is about 1/16" in from each end of the first fret. Correct string height (action) makes a guitar easier to play, improves tone and Place a ruler on top of the 12th fret and measure the distance between the top of . To check nut-slot height, hold the string down at the third fret, and see how much it moves over the first fret. This is similar to checking neck relief.

Using a string action gauge to measure the action at the 12th fret. On this Strat, the Along with saddle height, neck relief also affects the guitar's action. Playability is also affected by how high the strings sit in their nut slots. The Erlwine book gives string height at nut as about" for the high E string and about" for the low E. Is this measured at the 1st fret?. Picked up a 2nd-hand dot last month and the first of many improvements is a new nut. The low E string has to be physically pushed in to the slot.

Learn how to correctly measure your guitar action or string height as well as what Then, I'll tell you where and how to measure string height. .. It's also possible the nut's string slot for the B string is a little too deep as well. If this is the case, the strings might be too low or the fret height uneven. Usually, it is caused by string grooves in the nut being too narrow, string at the 13th fret; Measure the clearance between the 6th fret and the string. Here's a gnat's-eye view at the face of a nut as seen from the leeward side of the How do you easily determine the ideal height of the string slot in the nut?.