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How to multi account ogame simulator


The use of multiple accounts in one universe by a single user. Each user is limited to one account per universe, thus those who are caught are punished by. A simulator is a program used to determine the outcome of battle before it takes place, Here you can test your attack in different ways without losing any ships. There is no secret to getting a multiaccount (multi:P), it's as easy as just make a new account and play. What most players aren't bothering.

i know this just been clarified Multi Accounts Rule Clarifications now can you please clarify uriel too since it not allowed to ip share there. Delete all but one of those accounts. Notify a GO that you accidentally created multiple accounts, and that you have all but one of them set for. Hello everyone. I used to play ogame a lot a couple a years ago. I had multiple top accounts in 3 universes. Moon Destruction Simulator.

Find planets everywhere and make the way you play OGame more in your battle reports - Combat simulator button in your espionage reports. This extension improves the user interface by adding several features: Remaining storage time under current planet's resources - Statistices. Officers[edit]. Sorry all if this messes anything up, it's my first edit =) Should there be any Some players have several accounts in different universes (that is not .. This utility is an Ogame combat simulator; it's #80 on Sourceforge overall and .