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In court what does motion hour mean


Courts may designate a particular time and day for motion hour. The petitions are called out during motion hour for the purpose of affording opportunity for. Motion hour occurs every Monday in Jefferson Family Court in Louisville, Kentucky. Family court judges generally do not conduct full hearings at motion hour. to ask your attorney and have he/she prep you for the hearing and your testimony. The advice given here is general in nature and does not.

Motion hour refers to the time during which a judge hears motions to be presented to the court. The particular The particular time that motion hour is held is at the discretion of each court. How Do You Calculate Flight Time Between Cities?. KY What exactly happens during motion hour? are should I appear in court and what is the procedure that occurs with my case, also do I do. exactly what is a court hearing for and what do they do in a court hearing? Well it depends on what the hearing is for: Motion Hour is when attorneys file what u mean finial sentenceing?the judge made his mind up on.

Motion hour is held on Monday for Family Court proceedings. Sometimes Family Court judges change their schedules and do not hear a particular type of. I have to attend court for this soon and looking at the docket this is what's beside our scheduled time I just wasn't sure what to expect. Please no. If the court docket says a person has a "motion hour" what does that mean? If the person fails to follow the court order that the judge sets forth. We initiated it and have never gone to court. What can we expect? Do the lawyers talk to the judge? Does my husband? Will things be resolved.