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Seagate date code how to read


Seagate date code calculator. Enter seagate date: Please enter 4 or 5 digits code . Seagate data code calculator is web application that calculates gregorian. Here s a little excel tool I built to convert Seagate date codes into actual dates: Hope it helps someone who s having difficulty understanding. Simple question, but not obvious on their website, or in any of the various manuals I DL from there. I have two Seagate drives on my desk, that the owner.

Trying to figure out the date when your Seagate was manufactured can be The date code may look something like this: seagate-date-code-sticker. How to get the date 20 November from the number ; Author: Paw The code described in this article helps users convert Seagate's (the hard drive. On Seagate drives you may see a Date Code – e.g. What does it mean? Simply put, it's in the format of YY:W:D, or YY:WW:D, where Y is.

Example: Seagate Date: corresponds to April 28th. Seagate date code calculator is web application that calculates gregorian date. If you want to customize the date output, add a format string at the end of I created a Seagate Date Code Calculator that actually works with. Find solutions to your read seagate date code question. Get free help, tips & support from top experts on read seagate date code related issues. a good tool i found which is really must to have. to be shared with you guys. i got the SRC code written in VB & the Formula Calculation Manual.