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Shoop da whoop ima firin mah lazer


Shoop da Whoop, also known as I'M A' FIRIN' MAH LAZER!! shows a blackface mouth and eyes suddenly (and frequently without warning) shooting a powerful. Imma firin' mah lazer! Get a shoop da whoop mug for your barber Georges. Occurs at the moment of the last syllable of the phrase "IMA FIRIN MAH LAZOR. Part of the "IMMA CHARGIN MAH LAZER" meme originating from 4chan's /b/ imageboard. Other images under this meme involve the blacking out of the face and addition of Nigra Cell's mouth and Imma firin mah lazer. Shoop da whoop!.

He can't believe that Vegeta and his son has gained so much power and then he screams in anger, that's where the SHOOP DA WHOOP (imma firin mah lazer). Shoop Da Whoop! IMMA FIRIN' MAH LAZER (Meme).jpg. Edit This tag is not a sufficient claim of fair use. You must also Categories: Images/non free. "IMMA FIRIN MAH LASER!!!!! BLARG!!!!!!!" -Shoop Da Whoop, just before he fires a laser. Shoop Da Whoop is a strange sort of being. He looks like a red mouth.