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What are the names of world oceans


The World Ocean, world ocean, or global ocean is a term used to define all the The Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans can be seen as bays or lobes going. The World Ocean or Global Ocean is the interconnected system of Earth's oceanic waters, and comprises the bulk of the hydrosphere, covering ,, The surface of Planet Earth is around 70% water, over 96% of which is salt water. While this vast area is mostly interconnected, it is broken up into large and.

While there is only one global ocean, the vast body of water that covers 71 It is recognized by the U.S. Board on Geographic Names as the body of water. An overview map of the oceans of the world. Locations of the 5 Oceans on Earth. Useful and interesting facts about the five oceans. Check out all the detailed reports about each of these 5 Oceans of the World. If you don't know about any, we have enlisted all the names of the 5 oceans so that .

The following table lists the world's oceans and seas, according to area and average depth, including the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Southern. Kids learn about the world's five great oceans: Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Southern, and The Pacific Ocean got its name from the explorer Ferdinand Magellan. The oceans of the Earth are all connected and are truly one "World Ocean" which covers about 71 percent of the Earth's surface. The salt water.