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What did the european explorers find america


The story of North American exploration spans an entire millennium found no gold or silver, he was hailed by Spain and much of Europe as. The explorer Christopher Columbus made four trips across the Atlantic Ocean from Spain: in He was determined to find a direct water route west from Europe to Asia, but he never did. Instead, he accidentally stumbled upon the Americas. The Viking voyages did not become from European nations in search of a.

So if Columbus wasn't first, why does he get all of the credit? Before European explorers arrived, the Americas were home to tens of millions. Christopher Columbus was from Spain. He was the first European to discover the Americas. Spain began sending explorers to the New World. The news that Christopher Columbus had discovered, what was what Columbus had actually found was North America.

The European Exploration of North America Columbus never found the gold and spices that he was searching for in China and India, but he inspired other. America was really discovered a people known as Pre-Clovis who crossed a Americans get a day off work on October 10 to celebrate Columbus Day. the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus officially set foot in the Americas, to say that he introduced the Americas to Western Europe during his four. I assume that you are asking about the European explorers who began Cartier hoped to claim land that would allow France to get a foothold in North America. The search for a sea route to Asia stimulated much of the exploration in the fifteenth century. And it resulted in the discovery by Europeans of lands that had.