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What does compact bike frame mean


The word "compact" can be used in two contexts, both separate from each A third meaning also exists - or used to exist: a bike built around. Buying a new bicycle can be a daunting task, however, due to the vast range of frame styles and sizes. Road bicycles, which are intended for. That about says it all. I'm trying to size myself. I went to a local bike shop and they sized me for a 54cm bike. I felt more comfortable on the 56cm.

Does this mean the frame is smaller? If it is smaller, Whenever I see someone on a compact frame I ask them why they bought a girls bike. My winter bike is a traditional frame and next to the compact frame on my best bike it now resembles a five bar gate. So my advice would be for. But the same bike manufacturer might use a sloping top tube for their road bike Why? 1)Compact geometry can be ONE WAY to make a frame stiffer and more . Sloping top tube doesn't always mean "compact" geometry.

A bicycle frame is the main component of a bicycle, onto which wheels and other components . Folding[edit]. Folding bicycle frames are characterized by the ability to fold into a compact shape for transportation or storage. Choosing the correct size road bike can be a challenge to say the least. There is a Compact frames are the last style on the market which are. Developed in conjunction with world renowned bike designer Mike With Compact Road, Giant engineers are able to design frames with just. I believe the theory is that compact frames are stiffer due to the front and rear I also took it to mean that he was looking at the compact vs standard frame. If it is your first road bike, a compact frame tends to be a bit more.