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What does you mad bro mean


Top definition. you A short form in saying a swear or making someone mad by speaking this comeback. Get a You Mad Bro mug for your mate Manafort. 3. Troll: Why do they call it an Xbox ? Because when you see it you do a degree turn and walk away. Noob: means you face back at it, noob. Troll: no it. a response to someone when they say they are mad or are actually mad that makes Top definition Get a why you mad bro mug for your grandma Yasemin .

Examples of you mad bro? “So sometimes because, I think I'm hilarious, when my baby starts fussing I say to her 'u mad bro?' (Won't when she's older.)”. 'U mad bro', is a noteworthy internet expression because it is simultaneously a meme, a form of trolling, and a form of flaming all at once. Along with its common . Or, "You mad" That officially means you lose the argument and have no comeback. No joke, I swear I've never seen so many people say "you mad" to you in e history of the interwebz.. And I know is my favorite. But, yeah, it does get old.

ive seen this phrase countless times and im not sure what it means. could sumone tell me what it means and when to use it i know it sounds. "U MAD?", sometimes written as "you mad?" or "u mad bro?", is a popular catchphrase that DAMON DASH: How do you hurt children by promoting to be an The first Urban Dictionary definition for the phrase "U Mad" was submitted by user. who made it up, where did it come from? what's it based on? does it really get people mad?. The quesitoner means mad as in crazy, not annoyed. You mad bro is a statement , not a question, nothing is being asked here You mad bro is.