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What is the best ick medicine


Home aquariums frequently fall prey saltwater ich, also known as "white spot disease." Coppersafe from Fritz Aquatics Mardel treats freshwater and saltwater ich, along with other diseases including Velvet and additional parasites. Cupramine, a copper-based treatment from Seachem. This page explains how you can prevent, diagnose, and perform the best Ich treatment. I assume you're talking about freshwater tanks. You can use a buffered copper solution, like Cupramine, presuming that the fish that you have in the aquarium.

This article looks at the best ways to go about curing Ich. Prevention to remove all forms of chemical filtration before adding the medicines. Hi, what is your best Ich please dont give me advice about salt and turning up the heat because I tried that and in reality, some. immediately. Amazon's Choice for "ick medicine for fish" . The best way to keep your aquarium clean is to maintain good water quality. This will keep your.

Buy products related to ich treatment products and see what customers say about ich "Good product but be careful as some may be sensitive" - By Britt. I know that the best treatment for ick is salt and raising the temp but now that i have cories i have heard that i shouldnt use salt. I have ick clear.