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What was solomons porch in the bible


Answer: Solomon's Porch was the name of two porches associated with the temple Recommended Resource: Bible Answers for Almost all Your Questions by. Solomon's Porch, Portico or Colonnade was a colonnade, or cloister, located on the eastern . Easton's Bible Dictionary (New and revised ed.). T. Nelson and. What is Solomons Porch? Definition and meaning: Solomons Porch.

In our study of the Book of Acts, we read about the early Christians often congregating in Solomon's Porch. One such occurrence is in Acts 3. Scripture Backdrops - And Jesus walked in the temple, in "Solomon's Porch" - John The Good Shepherd: a Farewell Sermon Our Lord always made the best of every opportunity; and we are told, he walked in the temple in Solomon's porch.

Peter's Speech in Solomon's Porch. We moderns have relegated the word repent to a message on a sandwich board worn by some bearded cartoon figure. (AV); 'Solomon's portico' (NRSV, REB, NJB) formed part of the reconstruction of the Jerusalem Temple by Herod the Great. Jesus went to it (John 23) and so. In John , the Biblical record shows that he spoke again in Solomon's porch at the Feast of Dedication. Some of what is written of this event. Imagine then also coming to stand in the location known as Solomon's Porch. In that Scripture Jesus confirms that He has passed on all the Words given to.