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Who is the new iron man 4


Marvel is just rocking it when it comes to their movies and all fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe just can't get enough. Whilst Marvel still has an impressive. The Iron Man Mistake Marvel Studios Should Never Make The new Vanity Fair cover story on the future of the MCU makes it clear that the. Robert Downey Jr. has been back and forth when it comes to the possibility of an Iron Man 4. Finally, though, the year-old star set the record straight on The.

Ty Simpkins, who co-starred in Iron Man 3, is rumored to take over for Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man 4, coming in AVENGERS 4 saw some concept art leak in the last few weeks and it looks like Iron Man is going for a classic look. While rumours about Iron Man's death in Avengers 4 aren't new, here's a new video that suggests that all the clues pointing to Tony Stark's.

Write the characters off totally, and just add a totally new character. (No more Iron Iron Man 4 will probably be a reboot of the Iron Man movie series. The MCU.