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Ac4 how to fire mortar


To use the mortars, first zoom in using the Mortar Zoom button. target with the right thumb stick and, when you are satisfied with your target, press Fire to shoot. Hold Q, aim with WASD and fire with left click. Holy high profile batman http://i. If a ship you're attacking doesn't have mortars, you can just mortar them over and over until they die without ever coming close to their firing.

You'll see a mortar cursor, move your mouse to make it moving on the water, turn red then right mouse button to fire but you have to hold Q down until you fire!. Mortar shot you use by holding LB to aim and then RT to fire. you pull up beside a ship (very close range) and then fire with RT, do not aim. For Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag on the Xbox , a GameFAQs message board topic titled "How do you fire Mortar rounds?".

From Orcz. Avoid the mortar fire in AC4 Black Flag. "Avoid the mortar fire" is a mission objective in Sequence 3 / Memory Proper Defenses. Mortar Fire in AC4 Black Flag. Heavy enemy ships, such as the El Arca Del Maestro (a Spanish Galleon) are equipped with mortars and can fire. Also I bought/upgraded "mortar" but I cannot find any mechanism to fire it anywhere. SenseHomunculus's Avatar. SenseHomunculus said.