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Comebacks when people call you ugly


If someone calls you ugly, use one of these comebacks to put the person in their place and walk away like a boss. What someone says about you defines who. We are all sensitive about our appearance and it can be devastating to have someone insult your looks, especially publicly. When someone calls you ugly in. I learned a lot of comebacks on how to respond to insults and I thought it would be effective to try These should be your replies when someone calls you ugly.

Read Sassiness if someone calls you ugly from the story sassy comebacks by _bookstoread_ with you think I'm ugly then you should look in the . All of us have been called stupid at some point in time by someone. If some smart -ass is trying to embarrass you and make you look like a dumb ass in front of o. The unnecessary comments that people pass on you, even if they are. itimes Blogs. Time For Some Serious Insults: Best Comebacks When Someone Calls You Fat! Itimes Don't you need a license to be that ugly?.

The 80s called. They want their haircut back. The s called, too. They want their joke back. 4. You must've been born on the highway. Fascinating Coffee Mug - "If Someone Calls You 'Ugly' Have a Good Comeback and Say 'Excuse me, I am not a Mirror'": Kitchen & Dining.