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How do doctors break the water bag


Here are some of the ways a doctor might induce labor. Ever wondered what really happens during the common delivery technique of 'breaking the water'? your cervix to separate the membranes that connect the amniotic sac to the wall of. If your water doesn't break on its own, your OB may (or may not) break it artificially. Here's why-and what happens if she does. If your water (aka "amniotic sac,". Breaking the bag of waters (the amniotic sac) is thought to start or Your doctor or midwife will then perform a careful vaginal exam to make.

Can a doctor speed up water breaking? a device into the vagina and very carefully use it to break the amniotic sac. If the doctor decides that they need to break your water, they will likely do it right . It can be really helpful because without fluids in the amniotic sac, your baby. You can have your water broken by a mid-wife or a doctor. However, having your water broken near the onset of labor does not make a difference to your labor.