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How should i clean my paintball gun


If your gun is dirty, it may jam and be less accurate when firing, and paintballs may even break inside the barrel. Luckily, it is very easy to clean a paintball gun, . How to Clean Your Paintball Gun or Marker In this step you need to inspect your gun thoroughly. The two most common questions I hear from a paintball gun owner is “What do I need to 6) Remove your barrel and clean with a squeegee.

Keeping your paintball equipment clean and functioning is crucial if you really want to enjoy the sport and get as many years out of your gun. While it's important to clean and repair as needed, don't take the gun apart more often than necessary. It's too easy to reassemble it incorrectly. Paintball can be messy, but with a little care, the toughest stains will come out. Discover how to properly launder your clothes and avoid stains.

I was out this afternoon and had a few shots on the gun. I cleaned them with a microfiber as best I could and wiped all the dirt off, but as far. After cleaning the major parts not it's time to check and clean the functional parts of your paintball gun.