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How to concatenate fields in excel


The tutorial demonstrates how to concatenate text strings, cells, ranges and columns in Excel using the CONCATENATE function and. You can combine data from multiple cells into a single cell using the Ampersand symbol (&) or the CONCAT function. Combine data using the CONCAT function. Use commas to separate the cells you are combining and use quotation marks to add spaces, commas, or other text. The CONCATENATE function in Excel joins two or more text strings into one. For example, =CONCATENATE(B2,' ',C2) combines the text in cells B2 and C2.

This example illustrates how to concatenate (join) strings in Excel. When joining text and a number, use the TEXT function to format that number. 3 days ago Here are the 5 easiest methods to concatenate a range of cells into a single cell which you can use in different situations. Use the Excel CONCATENATE function to practice combining names in your I think it'd work better if the first and last names were in the same column, but it'll.

In Excel, there are two ways to combine the contents of multiple cells: Excel CONCATENATE function (or the ampersand (&) operator); Excel TEXTJOIN function. If you're only combining two cells, the ampersand “&” is the easiest way - as mentioned by Vitor Barreto, but if you're combining more than two there are a few .