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How to edit old tweets


How Do I Edit a Tweet After It's Published? Twitter does not have a provision for editing a tweet, however. Once you publish a Twitter update (called a tweet), there is no way to edit it. Twitter does not let you edit tweets after they have been published. by copying, rewriting and reposting it to Twitter as a new tweet and deleting the old one. How can I automatically delete my old tweets on Twitter? Ask New you can't edit tweets:P There's no way of editing tweets that have already been tweeted, .

Tidying up those embarrassing old tweets. Revisiting the past — and trying to mass delete tweets — revealed some harsh truths about my. The world asked Twitter for some way to edit tweets. When they said no, developer Corey Gwin took matters into his own hands, creating a. Using Twitter's advanced search feature, you can now easily search and delete old tweets and retweets. Besides this, there are several.

and it may be useful to those who wants to find their old tweets, it's not your fault, it's the misleading title of the article- "how to edit old tweets. While many Twitter users would like to edit their tweets and correct their typos, the Facebook users can edit their posts whenever they want, but if you make a 4-Year-Old Finds STD-Positive Condom In School Playground. This has led to many people asking the same question: where can I edit my tweets? Is there a button I am not seeing when I hover over each.