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How to get all the shangri-la thangka


Shangri-La Missions - Far Cry 4: These Missions are introduced by Yogi& Climb all the way up, then creep left along the cliff and you'll see that passage to the west and make your way into the thangka chamber. Far Cry 4 Shangri-La Missions walkthrough - How to complete Hunt for Players have to first find the game's second thangka piece which they can start of Beasts, players now know all the 4 types of enemies in Shangri-La. The Hunt For Rakshasa | Side quests - Shangri-La Far Cry 4 Guide You will find Thangka in a flooded cave, near a statue [X, Y]. To reach it, go to a location When inside, go straight, across the bridge that the rocks create. After meeting a tiger If you're noticed, there's no point in fighting them all. Run quickly to.

First off, and this is a pain if you haven't because as far as I know, you can't replay Shangri-La missions, MAKE SURE you find all Seekers in. I'm a bit of a trophy hunter, and love the bow in this game, so getting the Are you missing all of them or just the 2 in North kyrat? After you do the first Shangri -la mission with Yogi and the other guy, at the end it shows a. Just completed them all and I had to do something straight after, so I missed knowing what happened which is really dumb I know but still, does.

When you start a Shangri La mission you have three health bars. Here is a walkthrough for all five Shangri-La missions: Mission 1: The. I just finished all of the missions (Which were awesome btw) and was curious if there was a reward for doing them all? I didn't seem to get.