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How to get monster park tickets maplestory


Hi, in the past we had Monster Park additional entry tickets which could be purchased Please make the daily limit 7 until you can fix it Nexon!. Submit a guide! | What Class Should You Make Megathread. Filters ▾ MapleStory Subreddits ▾ Monster Park Additional Entry Tickets (self. Good luck. May 04 Another Maplestory 2 monster Did you go to Monster Park and receive the 5 free tickets from her? May 04

MapleStory . using Maple Points per extra entry or 1 Monster Park Free Admission Ticket. You get all monster EXP collected and a box based on the day. You can get 15~30 coins at random from each monster park box opened. Monster Park Extreme Ticket. Sold for: 1 mesos., cannot be traded. Max per slot: Description: Golden entry ticket for Monster Park Extreme. Dropped by. 1. buy at the monster park store 2. kill them from "legendary" mobs(they just spawn at noob spots) 3. slay parts of the tickets from normal mobs.

I was on 1x exp and getting 10, a kill and it only took me about 4 to 6 You're given 5 free Monster Park Extreme tickets a day and you can.