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How to use hand drill safely


In this Article:Article SummaryPreparing to DrillDrilling SafelyCommunity Q&A18 Do not hold the piece down with one hand while drilling, as the drill could slip. Safety goggles are always a good idea when using a power drill. You may Gloves can help protect your hands, but only if they are form-fitting and not baggy . You might want to use a hand drill when you are working with rare wood, To keep things safe, it would be better to drill several smaller holes to build your way .

A hand drill is often overshadowed by the more popular power drill, but is still Hand drills are useful tools for woodworkers and those who prefer not to use. What should you do when working with powered hand drills? What should you do Use the auxiliary (second) handle for larger work or continuous operation. Wear safety glasses or a face shield (with safety glasses or goggles). Keep drill. You may want to use some clamps to hold the workpiece in place, or two parts together, whilst you use the hand drill. Work benches allow you to rest a.

Power Hand Drill. Students must read this important information before using the equipment. Has the technician given you instruction on the safe use. POWERED HAND DRILL SAFETY. The following safe work practices will help you avoid injuries when using a hand drill. Pre-Operation Inspection and Set Up.