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Microsoft direct access how to setup


This overview provides an introduction to the configuration steps required to deploy a single DirectAccess server running Windows Server Now that you have successfully complete installation of DirectAccess Client services, lets go into further detail regarding the configuration. This topic describes how to configure the client and server settings required for a basic DirectAccess deployment. Before beginning the.

For a multisite configuration, now or in the future, first follow the guidance in Deploy a Single DirectAccess Server with Advanced Settings. If you want to configure an advanced deployment with custom settings, see Deploy a Single DirectAccess Server with Advanced Settings. DirectAccess, introduced by Microsoft during the release of Windows 7 and Windows R2 acts as an always-on connection from remote.

All settings for DirectAccess are managed through Group Policy on any Microsoft Server Virtualization Validation Program (SVVP) validated. But Microsoft reintroduced the DirectAccess feature with Windows 8. In doing so, they made setup of DirectAccess much easier, and organizations might do well. DirectAccess, also known as Unified Remote Access, is a VPN-like technology that provides While DirectAccess is based on Microsoft technology, third-party solutions exist for accessing internal UNIX and Linux servers through DirectAccess. providing a user interface to configure and native IPv6 and IPv4 support.