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Ocfs2 or gfs2 howto


Selection Phase 2 ○ ○ Objective: select the best cluster filesystem for the specific load (GFS2 vs OCFS2) Created a custom set of scripts to. I guess not all usage scenarios are comparable, but I once tried to use GFS2 as well as OCFS2 to share a FC SAN to three nodes using 8GBit. Here's a test I just ran on a cluster node, immediately after rebooting, joining the cluster and mounting a GFS filesystem: [root cluster1 76]# time.

If you instead want to have the SAN disk shared (like Oracle RAC), then your filesystem has to be aware that the "disk" is shared by a cluster of computers. Since RHEL7 no longer apparently supports OCFS2, I'm looking for an up as part of a pacemaker/corosync cluster, which is something that I. In an attempt to get away from ocfs2 we have also tried setting up gfs2 but have run into major difficulties, does anyone have an Ubuntu install.

the mean time I've done some more research and figured out that: > • There is a bunch of other cluster file systems but GFS2 and OCFS2 are. GFS -- I have not tried yet -- is it difficult to set up? TIA. OCFS2 was very easy to install, but some time later it developed a hanging issue. Also. Gang([email protected]) and Eric([email protected]) will do a functional comparison analysis between OCFS2 and GFS2 during this hack week. we will try to setup. The premise was simple - configured two DRBD devices and then setup OCFS2 as desired (very straight forward vs comparatively to GFS2).