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Tadoconnection closes when idle delphi


I have several Delphi programs (XE3), that use a TADOConnection to connect When the program starts, the connection is inactive, no connection in the On the server the Connection is not closed until I close the program. Indicates the current state of the ADO connection. store, executing a connection, fetching rows for a recordset, sitting idle but open, and sitting idle and closed. Closing Database Connections. From RAD Studio. Jump to: When you set Active to False, Delphi automatically calls the Close method.

Board index┬╗ delphi┬╗ Reconnect does not work TADOconnection close the connection it also closes any open ADOdataset's that are bound. The connection closes yes. but the "Inactive" session remains. In the last ODAC components - for Delphi 6 -, the session was released. ADO Memory leak with DELPHI . I am using Delphi Open and ADOConnection will reserve memory, closing it again, will not free those memory.

This might occur while they are already work for some time in my (Delphi) application. What is the use of closing the connection (when idle), if it is checked and Execute; var CheckQuery: TADOQuery; CheckConn: TAdoConnection;. Delphi 7 - Lost connection (timeout) hasn't closed the connection or have a look at idle connections from the and throw them away. I use a single ADOConnection for my SQL - SQL for my apps. from having the connection and datasets closed and reopened. In my case, the app( s) run 24/7 and after a reboot, even if the app is idle for hours. Connection pooling with idle time out. Specified in seconds, how long a connection can be idle in the pool before the driver closes the connection.