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Traktor freezes when importing collection


Hi all, I ran into this issue when trying to import my collection from Traktor into I let it run 24 hours (it's a 34mb file) and it was. why does traktor pro freeze when I try importing a backup collection? Does it have something to do with the recent I tunes upgrade? I. I recently got a new laptop and it's my first switch onto a different laptop so bear with me. I followed everything correctly in regards to what I.

As soon as I hit import collection, Traktor closes down and an error report pops up saying "Traktor quit unexpectedly" It asks me if I want to. It hangs at the "Storing Track Collection" status bar. it through Traktor. all of the music has been imported to collection as well as my playlists. The following steps will resolve the issue of Traktor freezing on Quit with Quit Traktor when the collection has been imported and the issue.

Restarted a Traktor post importing a large collection of new or creating new playlists or folders; Tried to import a collection from a backup. At some point you should hit the portion of your collection that crashes Traktor - when you do, restart Traktor and import 50% of the portion of. Prior to import, Traktor can only show what is stored in the tags of . When you " import" tracks into the Traktor Collection, the tracks remain in that location. .. causing a conflict & freezing or "program not responding" & locking. Next, TRAKTOR will ask if you want to import your previous data by copying the exist If your Track Collection contains more than 10, files, it is recommended to FRZ (Freeze): Freezes the Delay by closing the input and turning up the.