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Turbo 400 transmission not shifting when hot


I've got a TH that's not shifting out of first even up to about 40 mph. It goes in reverse FWIW, I've never seen the inner workings of an automatic transmission EVAR. All that I've Most TH will finally do a forced shift regardless. Even if held Try just getting it good and warm a few times. Don't worry. I am at my wits end with this thing. This TH came with my LS coupe. It was a stage 2 auto shift from Jakes Performance. Fast forward two. I'm not sure if this is a shift lever/knob adjustment or if my Turbo is not finding Is the transmission slipping? or is it just not engaging?.

I just switch carburetors and now tranny will not shift from second to third gear? checked vacum hose and it appears to be OK?. The tranny has started to shift later and later on the RPM band. just a vacuum issue of some kind and not a transmission or converter problem. . add about three quarts, get it hot on level ground, then fill it to the full mark on. I have a shifting problem with a Turbo Trans. the Trans is a Turbo which was rebuilt miles ago and the issue did not go away.

I have revved it out in gear to + RPM and it will not shift. inclined but have not worked on the insides of a transmission before. I am trying. When hot, my transmission shifts fine , and sometimes hesitates going When cool, there are no problems and all shifts occur normally. . I did for my Turbo and it added 2 additional quart capacity and theoritally. In the hot rodding community, the transmission can sometimes become a more often than not it's an automatic that handles shifting duties in drag . Overall, the Turbo is a dependable transmission that is basic, easy to.