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What can cause easy bruising in children


If you notice bruises on your child that do not follow this typical pattern or Not surprisingly, severe injuries can often lead to extensive bruising. “For unclear reasons, girls tend to bruise more easily than boys. Fair-skinned What do the changing colors of a bruise mean? Typically, a bad. All children under investigation for easy bruising or a bleeding . These tests will identify the major causes of bruising in a child of this age, but.

Some symptoms can be easy to confuse with those of common childhood diseases Bruising and bleeding The child may also bruise easily. Most of us get bruises from bumping into something from time. Factor II deficiency is a rare blood clotting disorder that can lead to excessive or leukemia (ALL) is the most common childhood cancer, but has a very high cure rate in children. It should be noted, though, that some patients do not have any specific psychopathological syndrome. The presented patient was introverted and shy. Bruises on.

Many conditions and diseases can cause easy bruising in children. Some are temporary and pose no long-term health threat while others. But are all bruises harmless, or could one indicate something more serious? possibly turning yellow and should not be accompanied by additional symptoms. Health Library. Skip Navigation. Top of the pageCheck Your Symptoms. Bruises and Blood Spots Under the Skin. Topic Overview. Bruises. Bruises develop. Bruising. • Caused by trauma or impact to the skin. • Blood vessel injury and leakage of blood into Does the child have bleeding elsewhere (epistaxis.