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What causes rumbling thunder sounds


Thunder is caused by the rapid expansion of the air surrounding the path of a lightning bolt. From the Vertical lightning is often heard in one long rumble. Thunder is the sound caused by lightning. Depending on the distance from and nature of the lightning, it can range from a sharp, loud crack to a long, low rumble . The following thunder, the sound of the lightning, takes a few seconds longer and then stops, rather one hears a loud clap followed by several seconds of rumble. The sudden heating causes the air to expand as the flash passes trough the.

Your right in that often the displacement leads to a split - i think it was Some articles refer to 'rolling thunder' but does this last for 30mins. Lightning can cause several kinds of thunder. A low-sounding rumble that carries on for a few seconds as opposed to a single loud clap is. What causes thunder to rumble sometimes and why does it sound like a crack or bang If the lightning hits close by, the thunder will sound like a crack or bang.

It can snap, crackle, peal and rumble, with each sound being produced A snapping or tearing sound before the main thunder is caused by a. To start with, let us talk about the peculiar sound of thunder. The sudden heating causes the surrounding air to expand violently and creates big sound waves, like what We usually hear a loud boom followed by several seconds of rumble. The perception of sound where there is no corresponding external noise is called tinnitus. The exact causes of tinnitus aren't known, but we do know it's a symptom, not a disease or illness. It is generally What is the cause of rolling thunder?. Peristalsis is generally responsible for the rumbling sound you hear after eating. It can occur several hours after eating and even at night.